“I am a HUGE fan of Chelsea Evans and have been for quite some time. I have taken multiple classes from her and every one of them just seems to get better. She is amazing and teaches step-by-step without leaving out any tricks, tips or secrets. She is fun, energetic, encouraging and I love following her journey. I have learned so much from her and I admire her style and techniques. You will not be disappointed in any of her classes. Sign up, you don’t know what you are missing!”

Jaime Lynn

"Thank you, thank you Miss Chelsea! This has been, and continues to be an amazing journey. It's exciting to see my business flourish.

I have been more confindent in what I'm doing, what I want, and in achieving my goals. I don't feel stuck anymore. I feel uplifted and excited! Your business coaching skills are bomb!

I'm not only excited to see my growth continue in, The Sunny Soul, I now see and know it's potential. Thanks for the positive push in the right direction. Here's to a bright future!"

Shareen Carter, The Sunny Soul

"Within a 24 hour period I am already making changes. The insights and suggestions she gives are incredibly helpful.I will definitely be reaching out for future business consults."

Shauna Loomis, MarKer Sold