Elements, Paint the Earth

Elements, Paint the Earth

Paint the Earth with our newest Signature class, Elements.  This course will be focused on textured, nature inspired finishes.  Learn how you find inspiration in nature and turn that inspiration into art.  

My Elements, Paint the Earth course is the ultimate painting class focusing on nature inspired finishes, how to replicate the elements, Raku inspired furniture art, and more.

Watch the class intro video here: Elements class video introduction


The Elements Class will focus on:


  • The Apple Blossom Way Signature Raku pottery finishes. 
  • Red Rock Fossil Finish:  This will include a different take on the ABW Signature Stone Finish inspired by southern Utah's red rock desert. 
  • How to find inspiration and recreate processes that occur in nature by earth's elements: Rust, Water patterns, natural distressing.
  • Nature inspired Painting: How to pull an idea from nature and translate it onto furniture.
  • Deep dive into the world of texture including various texture products how to use them and when.  
  • Bonus: Metal Finish with Guest artist, Rhonda Steinmetz, from Ignite Furnishings.


The Elements Class will include:


  • Workshops with recorded Live instructional videos.
  • Product lists & Photos
  • Recorded video information 
  • Photos of finishes
  • Group collaboration.
    • Private facebook group where you can share ideas and get feedback from Chelsea and others in the group.  We have an awesome community.
    A special discount on products only given to those in this class.
  • Friendly contests and challenges.


This class is ideal for painters who want to learn how to paint nature inspired furniture finishes.  It will open your mind to see the earth, get inspired by it, and create from that place.

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Smouldering Raku Pottery Inspired Dresser


“This class is absolutely amazing and Chelsea is “OVER THE TOP” good at teaching it. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to painting textures and following her heart creating them!

A “MUST TAKE” class!!

So real, fun and such gorgeous finishes!!

You won’t ever regret learning from Chelsea, one of the kindest and most amazing artists! Just love her.”

Kim Varty


“I am so excited about everything that I am learning in Chelsea’s “Elements Class.” I am playing today with the “smolder “ technique on a small buffet. Each step is so much fun and I’m totally inspired to see where each technique will take my love for painting!”

Thank you Chelsea!

Calle Ratkovich


“I honestly love your classes and am so grateful that they are so thorough, you make the content available for life, and they are affordable.  The attention and advice you give is awesome as well. I appreciate the group as well.


I’ve been painting and refinishing customs as well as painting cabinets for over 8 years. Your classes allow me to do that at a pace I can follow, fit into my schedule, and a price I can afford. I am so appreciative of this.” Suzanne Welker


“If you haven't already done so take this class! Chelsea from Apple Blossom Way is amazing! You will not be disappointed. She patiently explains her technique thoroughly. When you have that moment when it all comes together and you know you did it!! Totally worth it!!

If you don't follow Apple Blossom Way do it!” Marchelle Smith Recendez


“When I saw pieces posted by Chelsea, of the Element’s collection I knew I wanted to learn how to do this. I am learning how to use colors and texture in a completely new way. She’s a great teacher and willing to answer every question you may have. These finishes are unique. Thanks Chelsea.” Brenda Addison Turner


“From the moment I saw her pieces, I knew this was going to be a game-changer for artistic finishes and I was beyond right! From finding totally new ways of finding of visualizing nature to create inspiration, to various unique ways of creating texture and bringing color into your piece, down to the the application of details to turn your piece into a complete showstopper, Chelsea has truly dedicated herself to this class and helping those in it! This is unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of before and has already broadened my horizons to a whole new world of possibilities! Chelsea makes it easy to understand, answers any questions and even goes out of her way to help her students to translate new ideas of their own. If you can take one class (especially where you get to learn multiple finishes with unlimited use), I would highly advise choosing Elements!” Lindsay Ramberger


“I am a HUGE fan of Chelsea Evans and have been for quite some time. I have taken multiple classes from her and every one of them just seems to get better. She is amazing and teaches step-by-step without leaving out any tricks, tips or secrets. She is fun, energetic, encouraging and I love following her journey. I have learned so much from her and I admire her style and techniques. You will not be disappointed in any of her classes. Sign up, you don’t know what you are missing!” Jaime Lynn


“Chelsea Evans is incredibly talented!! I love seeing how she is inspired by nature and things around her and how that carries over into her work. She has inspired me in such a way that I am now looking around for inspiration in nature and other places for my next projects. Her beautiful work and willingness to share her technique is incredible. She is a great teacher and teaches in such a way that you know you have everything you need to get rolling on your project. I have taken several classes from her throughout the years and she will help you with anything you need. You will never just sign up for a class, pay money and feel alone. She’s very supportive and she wants you to succeed!!” Amanda Jones

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