Cabinet Class

Cabinet Class
Do you want to paint your cabinets, but don't know how? I can teach you!
I offer an online cabinet painting class which includes instruction on everything you need to know from start to finish in my online Cabinet painting course

Our courses are broken down step by step into easy-to-understand techniques.

What do ABW classes include:

  • 1 time fee.  Pay once and you're in!  No recurring monthly payments.
  • Video & written tutorials
  • Full access to all instruction and information.  Class content is organized into easy to access guides. 
  • Group classes remain open so you can join at anytime and you will always have access to the information taught. 
  • Group support.  Bounce ideas off other artists.
  • I'll be there to answer any questions you have.  You are not alone!
  • Special class discount for products on Apple Blossom Way.
  • All classes offer a segment on staging, photographing, and editing to help you showcase your work.

How does it work:

After purchasing one of our classes, you will be added to a private facebook group where you will find all class content.  View lessons, share your progress, and get feedback from Chelsea and other students.

What do you learn?
  • How to paint cabinets from prep to finish
  • Painting Techniques: Brushing & Rolling
  • How to Spray Paint: Access to all tutorials about paint sprayers, spraying, and tips & tricks. 
  • Prep work: Repairs, cleaning, sanding, priming.
  • Glazing techniques: Oil & Water based glazing, Pinstriping, Powder Glaze
  • Hardware how to (drilling, filling, purchasing new, & painting existing hardware)
  • Special Bonus: Retro-fitting a kitchen.  My experience and what I learned from retro-fitting my own kitchen. Special tips, tricks, and insight into retro-fitting. 
All of that info for a  ONE TIME fee.  I call that a win!  I've spent hours of making mistakes and finding the best way to fix them so you don't have to!  
This class is ideal for new painters & seasoned painters who want to learn how to paint cabinets with a finish that looks great and lasts.
Check out the ABW Cabinet course 



“Wow is what I say for this class from Chelsea!! Beyond professional learning from one of the very best!!

Chelsea helps you learn from start to finish all of the steps needed to create a gorgeous, flawless finish for cabinets!!

Very easy to follow along and learn how to create the magic of refinishing your own cabinets. Loved this class and the wealth of knowledge!!

She makes learning to refinish so fun and always gives us such a kind happy nature to learning!” Kim Varty


“Hey! Jeannie from Phoenix. Love your work. Your cabinet tutorial helped me get the courage to do my own cabinets and I LOVE them! It’s been a few years & they look amazing! I get lots of compliments on them. Thank you for ALL you do! <3” Jeannie Dixon

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