Faux Brick Class

Faux Brick Class
Let's talk Faux Brick.
Real, authentic brick can really add character to a home but it's not always in everyone's budget.
That's why I created a cost friendly course teaching you all the ins and outs of creating gorgeous faux brick. This class has video tutorials, product info, color combos, and more.
If you're looking to create an accent wall, backsplash, or have real brick you want to update- my faux brick class is for you!
I've painted many faux brick walls and I know the ins and outs. This class has video tutorials, product info, color combos, and more.
This class is a virtual class and the best part?! It remains open so you can access info at anytime. Now is the time to register whether you're dreaming about creating a faux brick wall, you've decided to start, or you plan to in the future.  Check it our here
This class is ideal for beginners, intermediate, and expert painters and will help you with everything you need to know including continued posts from me with specific color combos for brick walls I do in the future.
What are you waiting for?! Let's get our brick on!  Faux Brick Class


Take your painting to the next level by learning this faux brick finish from Chelsea! It is just the coolest technique ever!!

Chelsea leaves nothing behind in this class, everything you need to know you will learn and be totally amazed at what you can create!

She is very thorough, kind and always so much fun to learn from one of the best. This girl has talent!!” Kim Varty


“I took the ABW faux brick class and I learned so much. I was able to create six walls in different places that had a different look. I would highly recommend watching the tutorials once before jumping in- the layering is fsntastic and chelsea really helps you start with the end in mind!” Jodi Holcombe-Kerr


“I took ABW faux brick class and Chelsea was awesome. I’ve done two walls and will do more. Chelsea is always quick to answer any questions and help in any way.” Pam Gish Monroe


‘“The Faux Brick Class” what can I say… I loved this class! My first how to paint class ever and I didn’t know what to expect, but I fell in love with bricks! I took this class for my own person use to do in my home. I did two rooms at our old home and just started a wall in our new place. Each wall was completely different from the other- I love that about her classes she shows you different looks and ways to use the techniques to make it work for you. What a great class, Chelsea goes step by step and explain the steps so detailed very easy to learn from her. And she adds so many extra tips and information for you, to help with products to ideas on the different looks of bricks. And then added is how others in the class share what they did. Great Class to learn for your personal use or for customers!” Judy Housel


“As an artist, I am always looking to up my style and all the classes Chelsea teaches are the best techniques I’ve found. She not only breaks it down step by step but answers questions and shows ways to incorporate it into many applications. She goes above and beyond to show you everything you need to know and can watch the replays any time if down the road you forget a step. Definitely worth the investment, I’ve never been disappointed! Very talented lady!” Sue Becker


“Chelsea Evans well what can I say!!!! She is the best teacher I have ever had actually at anything in my life!!!! She stays with me and makes sure I understand the process and is always there to answer any and all questions regardless if it’s related to what she is teaching or not. She is just a great human and friend! I am not the easiest person to teach right now due to personal issues yet she has hung with me and mentored me in not only her classes that I have taken which has been a whole lot but in life in general. When I signed up for my first class I never expected to get a friend and mentor just a teacher but what I gained was just that which I don’t know about any of you but that is something I don’t think anyone could have enough of. What I have received in her classes will carry me a lifetime and has added an invaluable addition to my life!!!! Thank you Chelsea for everything you do for not only me but everyone else in your life! You are one special lady!” Diane Wright-Hendrick


“I was so nervous the first time I attempted to do what I had learned in the Faux Brick class, but the fact that the class is always open once you sign up gave me the ability to go back and watch as I was doing to make sure I was on the right track.  It was also very helpful that Chelsea is very active in the class that she answers any question that you might have.” Rachael Dunham

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