Back to Basics: The Ultimate Online Furniture Painting 101 Class.

Back to Basics: The Ultimate Online Furniture Painting 101 Class.

Hey there! My name is, Chelsea Evans. I’m a Furniture Artist and Educator. I teach others how to paint, to create and to excel in their creative process.


I’ve created the ULTIMATE class to get you started painting furniture for yourself or as a business for others: Back to Basics (B2B).

My B2B Class is one of the best, most information packed classes and will teach you everything you need to know from prep to finish, staging, & more!


Chelsea Evans, Artist Apple Blossom Way

This 12 week Back to Basics Course includes:

👊🏼Expert Product & Equipment Education

👊🏼Proper furniture prep (Including stripping & sanding furniture)

👊🏼Simple furniture repairs

👊🏼How to use chalk, mineral, and enamel paints

👊🏼Basic Blending techniques including wet & dry brushing

👊🏼Paint drip techniques

👊🏼Glazing techniques with both water and oil based glazes

👊🏼How to add texture to furniture using Saltwash

👊🏼How to stain

👊🏼How to seal furniture

👊🏼How to apply decoupage, stencils, transfers, and moulds to furniture

👊🏼Furniture Staging & Photographing

👊🏼Basic photo editing

👊🏼Special *Student Only Discount* on all things Apple Blossom Way


Learn at home, at your own pace!


All Apple Blossom Way classes are online and all content is available anytime, anywhere you are. After you sign up, you will join the class private facebook group where all learning content is organized neatly into easy to access guides.


The best part? Class remains open so you will have access to the information in the class-anytime, wherever, whenever you are ready to learn. I will be in the group to help guide you and answer any questions you might have.


Positive Group Support

Whether you are creating for yourself, starting a business, or you are an intermediate artist who wants to thrive and go outside the box with your creative flow-this class is for you!


All of the information is there, ready to be learned. I am in the group, so any questions you have-I’ll be there to answer! Group support is important when learning. I ensure all of my groups and fun and interactive by fostering a positive learning environment.


What are you waiting for? Get your paint on!!

Register Today! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼



Sneak Peek- B2B Learning Content:

Paint Blending, Textures, Transfers, Stencils, & More!

Paint Blending & Transfers


Chalk & Mineral Paint 101

Expert Product Favorites

One Hour Enamel & Staging

Stamps, Stencils, Transfers

Texture & Saltwash

Furniture Prepwork

Water based & oil based glazing techniques

Oil Based, "pinstriping" and overall glazing techniques. 

Solid Finishes, Distressing techniques, dry brush techniques

Stripping, sanding, staining, and sealing techniques

Furniture Transfer techniques, applying, blending, and sealing

Using One Hour Enamel and enamel paints: Prep, prime, painting techniques, and more.

Decoupage application and techniques

3d & flat stenciling, blending, transfers and moulds.

Learn about what products are best for certain finishes.  I'll show you everything you can do with these products and so much more! 

I love this class and seeing my students excel and create beautiful pieces. I'd sure love to have you in my class and I know you will love it - but don't take it from me. Here's what a few of my students have to say:


What students have to say:


“If you love to paint, or want to start to create works of art with furniture, accessories, walls, I HIGHLY recommend taking her classes. Back to basics is a GREAT starting point, even for someone who has never picked up a paint brush. What she gives for the fee is just priceless! Follow her here #appleblossomway you can find all her links to Facebook and her website. I can't express enough how much meeting you has shifted things in my life. I have always painted and love to create but as of late have been stuck. I am unstuck and I have you to thank. Can't wait to sign up for your new classes!! Thank you again for the gift of you!” Kathy C.


“I was looking for a class to learn about painting furniture and I found Back to Basics. I'm so glad I took it! I learned way more than I expected to. The information is given in a way that is easy to understand, and easy to achieve because she not only breaks it down step by step but answers questions and knows how to guide you to success.

She goes above and beyond to show you everything you need to know. You can also watch the replays any time if down the road you forget a step. Definitely worth the investment, I will be taking more classes from Chelsea!" -Kim B.



Class is Open!


Class is Open, the learning content is there, and I'm here to help. Grab a friend and join in together, or hop on in yourself - you'll meet plenty of like-minded, creative friends there. Let's get started!

Register Today


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