I get asked a lot, "Why does your shirt say, 'Get Stoned'?"

 Hi, I'm Chelsea Evans, furniture artist & creator of the Apple Blossom Signature Stone Finish.  A few years ago I was working my magic on a dresser. I began layering colors in a way I hadn't before. When the hubs pulled in, he got out of the car and said, "Wow! That really looks like stone!"

I began to experiment with different colors and methods until I had it down just right. It was my stone finish. Now, the meaning goes a little deeper. Francis Measom Stone is my husbands grandmother. She used to flip furniture and she was a classy lady! I knew she'd love my stone finish if she were still here with us, so I named it my Signature Stone Finish!

I've added texture and drips along the way to enhance the finish. I even teach classes on it so others can "get stoned" too!

Our courses are broken down step by step into easy-to-understand techniques.

What do ABW classes include:

  • 1 time fee.  Pay once and you're in!  No recurring monthly payments.
  • Video & written tutorials
  • Full access to all instruction and information.  Class content is organized into easy to access guides. 
  • Group classes remain open so you can join at anytime and you will always have access to the information taught. 
  • Group support.  Bounce ideas off other artists.
  • I'll be there to answer any questions you have.  You are not alone!
  • Special class discount for products on Apple Blossom Way.
  • All classes offer a segment on staging, photographing, and editing to help you showcase your work.

How does it work:

After purchasing one of our classes, you will be added to a private facebook group where you will find all class content.  View lessons, share your progress, and get feedback from Chelsea and other students.


“I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to!”

Here on Apple Blossom Way we believe life is our greatest teacher.  Making mistakes is part of learning and growing.  I’ve made lots of mistakes in my journey and have learned what not to do, what works best, and I am still learning.  I make the mistakes so you don’t have to!  My courses are thourough and easy to understand.  Take the guess work out of your projects – I’ll teach you how to do it! 

Learn New Techniques

The skills you learn in this course will help you elevate any finish you create and inspire you to create authentically from within.



Make New Friends

Our group learning community is top notch.  We’ve created a positive learning environment you can meet new friends with similar interests, brainstorm ideas, and problem solve together.



The key to growth is knowledge.  Our goal is to help you grow.

*Please note: We are always striving to give you awesome content that is easy to find and safe.  All Class content will be available on our site soon.  Private Facebook groups will remain open to access content and to grow and learn with other students.

If you love a beautiful, nature based finish, this class is for you!
It's a favorite of mine and has brought so many beautiful and talented people together.
This class is ideal for beginners, intermediate, and expert painters and will help you with everything you need to know including extra class videos on various stone finishes, photographing, staging, and editing photos.
Wanna be a Stoner? You can find more info and register on my site here: 
What students have to say:

“The “Stone Finish” class from Chelsea was the first ever class I took from anyone and WOW what a fantastic time we had. Chelsea’s creativity is beyond amazing and this class will teach you so much about textures you won’t even believe you can create such beauty!! I love her down to earth nature, her kindness and her ability to teach so well !! Creating from her classes has been a pivotal point for me to learn from one of the best. Take your painting to the next level and have fun while doing it!!” Kim Varty


“The Stone Finish Class is fabulous! I was expecting that it would be, but it has soooo much more! With content and texture techniques to try. There are so many tips and product advice included. It was such a a game changing class for me, I took what she taught and made it my own. I can’t say enough about the “group” I took the class some time ago and still seek support and advice from them. I love that the class is left open. Chelsea is so talented and willing to share her gift.” Terri Rustic Brush


‘“The Stone Finish Class” Chelsea has a gift to teach and with her instruction you will find ways to use this finish multiple ways. I like the way her classes are set up, that I could stop and restart the steps for learning, it is a wonderful way for me - This class helped me with the steps to get what I saw in my mind on to the object I was painting.

It has opened up ideas and ways to use this texture technique in many ways! I have used it on furniture, glass, metal and tile for a backsplash! You will love to have this finish in your tool bag!” -Judy Housel 


“Chelsea reviews various products, methods, and finishes in her Stone Finish classes. As an end user only (no business), I’ve used the stone finish on craft projects as well as furniture. I love the ability to go back and review the group tutorials.” -Beverly Skeens


“Chelsea Evans absolutely. I learned this technique from  the MOST amazing person. She has pure talent who teaches with us in mind. Her soul is so giving and RAD.!  You may know her, Chelsea from Apple Blossom Way.” Amy Lather


“Stone Finish was the first class I took from Chelsea. I'm so glad I did! You can use this finish for furniture, crafts, canvas and so much. Also, it doesn't stop can use these techniques to build upon.

I started painting furniture just to create things for my home. I had no idea what passion and creativity just by taking this class would bring out in myself. I know it's so cliche, but if I can learn and do it so can you!! Don't put it off any longer, go ahead and take this class. Invest in yourself, believe in yourself and create something you love.” -Gina Damm

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