Piano Class

Piano Class
Let's talk pianos!
If you own a piano, you know how large they are and how much of a beauty they can be. They can also be an eye sore - and that is a bummer! Piano's are designed to bring music into our homes. They can be expensive and not easy to replace. So, if you've got a piano that needs an update or a complete makeover - this class is for you!
I've painted many pianos over the years and I know how to do it right. Yes, there are a lot of wrong ways to paint a piano. This class provides you with all of the info you need to prep, disassemble, paint, and design your piano into a beautiful centerpiece for your home not only for music, but for looks.
I also have expert tips from a professional piano tuner whom I've worked with on several pianos.
This class is a virtual class and the best part?! It remains open so you can access info at anytime. Now is the time to register whether you're dreaming about painting your piano, you've decided to start, or you plan to in the future.
This class is ideal for beginners, intermediate, and expert painters and will help you with everything you need to know including extra class videos on stenciling, applying transfers, and decoupage, as well as glazing videos.
What does the class include?
  • Prep Work: cleaning, stripping, sanding, priming
  • Staining and painting tutorials
  • Paint: paint product reviews, instruction, and application
  • Custom Finishes: paint blending, glazing, stencils, transfers, and moulds
  • Topcoats & Sealants
  • Piano dissassebmly, assembly, and transportation
  • Piano tips & tricks from the expert
  • Staging & Photographing a piano
  • Special discount for ABW students to use on appleblossomway.com

Here's a few examples of past pianos:

You can find more info and register here

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